September 18, 2016

From your Pastor;

     Great! It’s 7:00am and I over slept. The face looking at me in the mirror is not the one I want to present to the world today. So off to the shower I go to clean up, spruce up, and straighten up my appearance. It’s off with the sleepwear and on with the garments suitable for the day at hand. I emerge from my home ready to see the world, or should I say “ready for the world to see me.”
     The Apostle James wrote that God’s word is like a mirror that shows me, myself, as I am. When I look into it I have two choices. One is to walk away and forget what I’ve seen and not do the necessary work, while the other is to do the work to change my life to be what God wants me to be. 
     Old attitudes, habits, and desires need to be removed and replaced with Christlikeness. This work does not happen all at once, but I must do today what I can. Then God is freed to move, bless, and fulfill our lives.

So! When you look today in the mirror of God’s word. Will you allow it to make the changes necessary to form you into the image of His Son?

                                                        Bro. Clay