October 2, 2016

From your Pastor;

   “...if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord”                                                                                                           Romans 10:9

        In the 1st century, both Jews and Gentiles lived under the rule of Rome and therefore under Caesar.
The Romans allowed these two groups to keep their gods, as long as they acknowledged Caesar was lord over all. For the Christian this brought tension into life because of their commitment to Jesus Christ, and He being Lord of all. Although becoming Christian makes one a better citizen, the Romans saw this confession of Christ as rebellion.
        “Jesus is Lord” is true Christianity but can look different than our American brand of Christianity.
In America it seems we have reduced this to a simple 1 hr. service on Sunday. We go to church which is nicely decorated (nothing wrong with that) we have rituals which help lead us to worship (nothing wrong with that, either) where we hopefully have a spiritual encounter with God ( a really good thing) then we go back to our daily lives until we get another dose of Jesus next week (Not OK at all) 
       To say Jesus is Lord, means He invades every area of our life. It all belongs to Him. Maybe we don’t have 100 different gods as did the Romans. But we still have our own cultural gods that compete for our attention to draw us away from the true Lord.

Who today and tomorrow will have your allegiance? 

                                                                     Bro. Clay