July 19, 2015

Jesus answered him,
"I am the way, the truth, and the life..."

John 14:6

     We must be reminded that life comes at us while we live, make plans, and work.  But work, plans, and living can never be a substitute for life.  Real life is found only in a relationship with Jesus Christ, the Author, Maker, and Giver of life.

     Why do so many toil at being a Christian?  So weary do they become, looking at doctrine as being severe.  They feel weighed down by the demands the Lord puts upon them.  Demands to be humble, gentle, forgiving, & long-suffering.  They literally wear themselves out.  The more they try the more difficult it becomes.  The longer they strive for it the less of a Christian they represent.

     If Christ said He is the life, then you will not find life by working for it, but by resting, trusting, learning from and knowing Him!

     How we need to ask God to open our eyes that we may know His Son.  It does not really matter how much you know of the methods, dotrines, or power, but how much you know the Son of God.

     Knowing God's Son is the way;
     Knowing God's Son is the truth;
     Knowing God's Son is the life.

O Lord help us find Jesus, so that we may find life.

Bro. Clay