July 10, 2016

From your Pastor;

     The church as the body of Christ has a special characteristic in its members, (as long as it is on this earth) to live in obedience to Christ. 
      The church today must manifest within her members what God did not receive from Adam, 
what God did not receive from Israel, what every tribe, tongue and nation needs to see. And that is obedience to God. In other words; on this huge earth there is at least one group of people who uphold the authority of God. Though mankind be rebellious, the church is one body that must be obedient to the authority of God. 
      People in the world do not seek the authority of God, but the church is seeking His authority. If you are unsaved and not in the church, then it is expected of you not to receive God’s authority. But if you are in the church then you must surrender to this basic principle of God’s rule over your life, your thinking, your acting, your being. 
     Remember, there is one authority in the universe that must be upheld, and the Lord Himself upheld it. Therefore His bride must do the same. What God did not get from Adam, what God did not get from Israel, God will get from His church. 
        “For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.”
                                                                       John 6:38
    By who’s will and authority are you living?
“For I have been crucified with Christ and yet I live, not I but Christ lives in me...”       can you say that?

                                                                  Bro. Clay