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6th-12th Grade 

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Join us in reading through the 21 Day Prayer Challenge devotional book!:  21 Days

Levi's Favorite Bible Study Method

Inductive Bible Study:

Pray: God, guide me as I study your Word.

Observation: What does the text say? Ask questions such as: Who is speaking? What’s happening? Where does the passage take place? When do the events take place? How did people respond? Identify repeated words.

Interpretation: What does the passage mean? What is the significance of my observations? What is the main point of the passage?

Application: What does the passage mean to me? What are the implications of the passage for my life? Is there a central truth that I need to put into practice?

Video Lessons 

Bible Project


Spoken Gospel

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Levi's Favorite Preachers/Speakers

Erwin McManus- Mosaic

Louie Giglio- Passion City Church

Craig Groeschel- Life.Church



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