Lifetime Ministries
Daily Devotional

"Commit your way to the LORD,
trust also in Him, and He will do it."

Psalm 37:5

     We have been discussing about Christ living out His life within us, so how do you allow Christ to live out His life in you?  Psalm 37:5 tells us.  Two conditions,  #1 Surrender,  #2 Trust.

     Surrender - Yes, Chist is in the Christian but He cannot do anything unlss the Christian allows Him.  We must obey God; this is surrender.  To surrender is not to make God a promise, or to make a covenant with Him, It is, in fact, to take your hands off of your life.  It is, to hand over to God your good and bad, your strength and weakness, your past and future.  To give him yourself!  Will you surrender to Him today?

     Trust - The second condition is to trust in Him.  This is really to believe God.  You must trust Him to deliver you from what you love; what you cannot and will not give up.  To commit is to surrender, to trust is to believe.  And the result is "God will do it."  Will you trust Him today?

     Knowing that you have no way, power, or ability to live out Christ, we must surrender and trust in God so that Christ may live His life in us.

     Surrender and Trust are intimately related, and when they are joined together in your life, then and only then are you living victoriously!!!

Bro. Clay