Lifetime Ministries
Daily Devotional

"Come to Me..."

Matthew 11:28

     Do you really want to get there?  The questions we have in life are really very few.  But they are all answered with these words, Come to Me...  Our Lord's words are not  "do this,"  or "don't do that."  If you would simply come to Jesus your real life would be in harmony with your real desires.  Unfortunately we would rather do anything than this one child-like thing.  Think about it, Jesus makes this the test, "Come to Me..."  Personal contact with Jesus changes everything.  The attitude necessary for you to come to Him is one where your will is determined to let go of this world and deliberately commit it all to him.

     "...and I will give you rest."  He is telling you that He will sustain you and make you stand firm.  He is not saying "I will put you to bed and sing a lullaby to you"  No!  In fact He is saying " I will get you out of bed."  He will fill you with the Spirit of life and activity.

     We too often talk of our weakness and exhaustion in the service to our God.  Where is the majesty and vitality of life in that?  Where is the power of the Son of God?  I'd rather be used up and worn out serving the Most High God, then to allow the world to wear me out.

O Lord, be like the rain upon us today,
refreshing us, remolding us, renewing us.
Bless us Lord Jesus, with Your presence.
To you we come with great expectations!

Bro. Clay