Lifetime Ministries
Daily Devotional

Jesus answered him,

"I am the way, the truth, and the life..."

John 14:6

     Last week we looked at the LIFE.  This week we'll look into the WAY.  Jesas said, "I am the way..."  this I believe means He is the method.  He is the way to God and the method to finding God.  Knowing Jesus we can know the way and possessing Jesus we can possess the method.

     If you have been saved you have the experience of trusting Jesus as your way to God.  For He is the way!  All true Christians know how to walk in this way.  So the question is "Are you in the way, are you following the method?"  The way and the method laid out by God the Father?

     If Christ is your method, then everything will be successful.  However if you have another or you are a method unto yourself, no matter how sincere, good, or accurate it may be, you are heading down a spiritual dead-end.

     The reason for so many unanswered prayers and ineffective lives is the fact that so many are not following God's method.  They are out of touch with Jesus.

     When Jesus said, "I am the way..."  He is saying there is no other!!!  Follow Jesus and His method to reach your heavenly home.


Bro. Clay