Lifetime Ministries
Daily Devotional

"Look at Me, and be saved..."
Isaiah 45:22

     Do you expect God to come to you with His blessings and salvation?  He says, "Look to Me and be saved..."  One of our difficulties is concentrating upon God, and it is His blessings that make it so.  Troubles almost always make us look to God while the blessings tend to draw our attention  away from Him.

     The basic intentions of the Sermon on the Mount were to teach us to narrow our interests until our heart, mind, and soul were focused on Jesus Christ.  Many of us have a picture of what a Christian should be.  And looking for this image in other Christian's lives is a hindrance to our truly focusing upon God.  We will only find what we're looking for if we concentrate on Him.

     Wake yourself up and look to God.  Build your hope on Him.  Not on how you measure up against others.  No matter how much the world presses in on you, be determined to push it aside and look to Him.  Salvation is yours the moment you look!

     O Lord to You alone do we look up...
How we know, that in us, no good thing dwells,
except Jesus Christ our Lord.  How marvelous is
Your grace, that in it, we may find Your salvation,
and Your glory!  Teach us to see You in
everything You've created.

Bro. Clay