Lifetime Ministries
Daily Devotional

"If you will return..." declares the Lord.

Jeremiah 4:1

     Our battles are first won or lost in the secret place of our will, never in full view of the world.

     The battle of your will can take one minute, or one year; that is up to you, not God.

     However long it takes you must wrestle with it alone before God.  You must get your "will" issue settled between you and God.  It happens in secret so that no one else can interfere.  The reason you lose this battle at times is because you fight it first in the external world.  You must get alone with God, do the battle before Him, and settle the matter once and for all.

     That is how surrendering to God begins.  He will bring you to a great crossroad in your life.  From that point you will either go toward a more lazy Christian life, or you will become more on fire for Him, giving your all for His highest, your best for His glory.  It's time for you to decide.