Lifetime Ministries
Daily Devotional

From your Pastor;

        Faith is not hoping nor feeling, 
                                   but believing in God’s word  

         All who are simply hoping may not have believed. If you asked someone if they have overcome and they respond “I hope to overcome,” you can know they do not have faith. If you asked one if they are saved and they respond, “I hope to be saved,” you can know they do not have faith. Some may claim they have yielded and believed, but they are waiting to see if it works. It will never work if people wait to see if it is effective, because faith is not hoping...
         Some are trusting in feelings. Faith is believing; not feeling. The hand can only touch and feel the painting, it cannot see it. As in spiritual matters faith and not feeling is required to prove. Victory is based on believing God’s word.  God has said it, so it is, and not because I feel strongly or joyfully about it. 
         As the hymn says, “Faith is the Victory.” What is genuine faith? Believing in God’s word. Not on my experiences, feelings, or circumstances. 
But on His word!  If my feelings, circumstances, or experiences happen to coincide with God’s word, 
I want to praise Him for that. But if they do not align or even disagree with His word then what to I do? A true believer must put aside their feelings, circumstances and experiences and stand on the word of God alone. 
       It’s like this;  Fact vs. Faith of the Cross.    
Fact tells us that a man in human history named Jesus of Nazareth, died a criminal’s death on a cross 2000 yrs. ago. The world believes this fact, they cannot deny it. That belief will not save them. 
Faith on the other hand believes the “why” of His death.  The Bible (God’s word) tells me so.