Lifetime Ministries
Daily Devotional

O Lord, save us from the murmuring spirit, which is harmful, hurting the bloom of spiritual communion.

Oswald Chambers

     When you have no vision from God, no enthusiasm left, no one watching or encouraging you, it takes the grace of God to make you take the next step in your devotion to Him.

     We lose interest, and give up when we have no vision, no encouragement, and no improvement, but only the everyday life with it's trivial tasks.

     The thing that testifies of God in you;  is your endurance, your perseverance, the work you do when no one else can see it.  And the only way to live that life is by looking toward God.

     Ask your Heavenly Father to keep your eyes open to His Son, and it will be impossible for drudgery to discourage you.  Never allow yourself to think that some task are beneath your dignity, or too insignificant for you to do, and always remind yourself of the example of Jesus.

"Obedience is better than sacrifice"