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Daily Devotional

From your Pastor;


        A couple of years ago a holiday song was prompted by a 4-year old’s question. “Where is the line to see Jesus?” and it went viral in less than two weeks on You Tube with more than a half a million hits.

        Becky Kelley’s nephew Spencer Reijgers asked this question as they were standing in line at a mall to see Santa that day. “Where is the line to see Jesus?”  She later mentioned it to her father, who is a pianist, his name is Steve Haupt.  He wrote a song around this idea and she recorded it. What an impact the song makes! Especially this time of year.

          If Christmas time is the celebration of His birth, then why don’t we see more of Him? We’ve all heard the slogan “Jesus is the reason for the season”. Millions today see the tinsel, decorations, and lights, but so few see Him for Whom this holiday is celebrated.

         That first Christmas morning the line was not so long either. A few shepherds, angels and a barn full of critters.

          God had been telling the world for centuries about His coming, yet the world was uninterested  then, just as it seems to be now.

         Don’t let this Christmas pass you by while you’re standing in the wrong line. Find the line to see Jesus. Take your kids, your relatives, your friends.  Create an interest in Christ by the way you celebrate His birth before your family.

          Start a new tradition this year

“The fruit of the righteous, is a tree of life,

           and  he who is wise wins souls.”     

                                                          Proverbs 11:30                                                

  Have a memorable Christmas this year!!!

                                                                         Bro. Clay