Lifetime Ministries
Daily Devotional

From your Pastor;
       Christmas is a joyous time for Christians. We celebrate the birth of our Savior. I heard a child ask this question, “If God knew Jesus would die on the cross, why did He send Him?” What a great question.
     Not only was He to die. He was to be mocked, beaten, ridiculed and shamed. All by the hands of those He came to save. 
     We like to remember the good times of Jesus’ life.
The Nativity story, and yet we forget He had to flee for His life into Egypt. We like to tell about His wisdom, love and healing, but we seem to forget about His suffering. We forget about the price He paid for us, the lengths God went to show His love for us. 
     God told Isaiah and many other prophets long ago, how the Savior would suffer. God knew those He created would crucify Him. However God lowered Himself in Christ, to feel, experience and conquer pain and death for us. The Creator of the universe humbled Himself to die by our hateful, sinful, hands. 
       Yes, God knew this would happen, and yet His love for you and I, was so immense He endured for us.
That’s the story of love, that’s the story behind Christmas.
       Today, remember the price God paid for you.
He loves you. Remember what true love really is. 
                          The story of Christmas.
                                          Bro. Clay