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Daily Devotional


From your Pastor;




        You shall fear only the Lord your God;


                   and you shall worship Him...


                            Deuteronomy 6:13




         The first commandment in Exodus 20 is  “you shall have no other gods besides Me.”  In Deut. 6 it is emphasized to worship the Lord God.  So from the beginning it is clear that God is to be worshipped. It is also clear that God wants man to declare this. Even in the Lord’s prayer we see the 10 Commandments. Jesus revealed what God wanted, “Hallowed be Thy Name.”  Hallowed means to be set apart. God’s name is holy, it is set apart from every other. It belongs to God and God alone. Though today His name is being used by others religions. One day it will be His alone specifically. Nothing else will be called by that name.


          Now that we know our purpose; what is it that will please God? What is it that will satisfy Him? It is not just those who are able to pray or give. Not just those who can teach or preach. But it is those who will worship Him. Therefore, the worship of God must be in everything we do.


        In the Lord Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness we see there is another throne which desires worship. Satan’s throne. He ask the King of kings to bow down and worship him. Two thrones both desiring worship. In every human heart there is something that God wants, and something that Satan wants – worship!


       When you see the LORD as Father, you have become His child (saved). When you see Him as God you can do nothing else but fall to your knees and worship!


“Ascribe to the LORD the glory due His name,


Ascribe to the LORD in holy array!”   Psalm 2                                                




  Have you seen Him as God?   

                                                                                                            Bro. Clay