Lifetime Ministries
Daily Devotional

"Now for this reason also, applying all diligence, in your faith supply moral excellence..."  2 Peter 1:5

"Supply" means; I must do something.  Do not forget that we cannot do what God does, nor will God do what we are to do.

We cannot save or sanctify ourselves - God does that.  But God will not give us good habits or character and He will not force us to walk correctly with Him.  We have to do these ourselves.

We must "work out" our own salvation which God has worked "in" us.  "Supply" then is the habit of doing godliness not just waiting for it to come.

Beware of asking God to show you the way when you know it perfectly well.  Take the step, stop hesitating.  Be determined to act immediately in faith whenever God says "go" or "do".

Hesitation causes carelessness and indecision which lead to doubt.  Take the initiative in your walk with your heavenly Father.  Form the habits of obeying.  When the crisis' come (and they will) you will be in the habit of turning to Him, and not to yourself.