Lifetime Ministries
Daily Devotional

"In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men."

John 1:4

     Christ is our light; and He is our Life.  This Light may not come to you all at once, but gradually.  As it comes it will become more clear searching until you see yourself in the light of God, and all your self-confidence is gone.

     Light is the purest thing in our universe.  It cleanses, it purifies, it sterilizes.  It kills whatever should not be there.  As God's light shines upon you, it will do just that.  Removing all that is unclean, and un-pure.  It will reveal and remove if you will allow it.

     The real threat to the work of God, is our untamed and uncontrolled worldly spirit. (flesh)  As God's Light, Jesus shines upon you, let Him have His affect.  As never before you will see your need of God's drastic life changing Light.

     Without this change and apart from God's dominion in your life; you will leave this world just as you came in.  Lost and undone.

"O, send out Your Light and Your truth, let them lead me, let them bring me to Your holy hill, and to Your dwelling places."

Psalm 43:3

Bro. Clay