Lifetime Ministries
Daily Devotional

"By myself I have sworn," declares the Lord "because you have done this thing...indeed I will greatly bless you."

Genesis 22:16,17

     Abraham has reached the point where he is ready to follow God, 'at any cost'- 'down any road'.  He has submitted to the goal of God in his life.  Submitting to God at any cost, down any road means we will allow Him to bring us to His goal.

     When Jesus says "Come," you simply come, When He says "Let go," you must let go.  When He says "Trust God," then you trust God.

     God will never be real to you until you come face to face with Him in Jesus Christ.  The promises of God are of no value to us until we come to understand the nature of God through our obedience.

     You may read something in the Bible and it mean little to you; however by your obedience to it, at another time that same scripture will come alive and reveal the very nature of your heavenly Father.  And you will learn to understand Him.

     O Lord raise us up so that we may be the obedient servants YOU so desire.

Bro. Clay